Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dual Hook or Single Hook Sex Swing

I get asked a lot about single hook and dual hook swings. People always want to know which one is better and which one to go with. So here is a list of things to consider.

First of all, I would always go with the dual hook as the first option. I prefer the single hook only when it is very important to only have 1 hook in your ceiling. If you can have 2 hooks, go with the dual hook.

There are a few reasons that I love the dual hook swings. First, any time you use any sex swing, you always run the risk of a hook pulling out of the ceiling and everything crashing down. With a single hook swing you always have the 5 to 10 pound spreader bar above your head. If that one hook fails, it will hit you on the head! With a dual hook, if one hook should fail, you will still fall to the ground, but the hook and chain on the side that gave way should just fall to the ground next to you and help you avoid serious injury.

Along the same lines, I also prefer the dual hook sex swings because they have a higher weight limit. The weakest point in most sex swings is the actual screw in the ceiling. With a dual hook swing, you are dividing that weight across 2 hooks and therefor these swings can hold more weight.

The last important factor to me is the width. A single hook swing typically has a spreader bar that is 20 to 24 inches wide. This means that is as wide as your swing comes. So in some positions, the swing can feel very narrow and squeeze you, especially if you are carrying a few extra pounds.

With the dual hook swing, you can set the hooks further apart such as 36 inches. This makes the seat much wider and more comfortable. When you combine this with the 4 inch wide seat found on the Screamer Dual Hook Swing, these swings can be very comfortable and not like the old fashion narrow swings with 2 inch webbing that were often a very good idea, but not really comfortable enough to use.

So me personally, I really love the dual hook swings, but I do understand that not everyone can have 2 hooks in their ceiling. It is hard enough to explain to the in-laws why you have one hook, imagine having 2 hooks. So I can see the reason for the single hook as well. Plus there are a lot more of them on the market to choose from.

Hope this helps - leave me comments and let me know your thoughts on which type of swing you like.


  1. Abby, I found your blog tonight while doing research on my site I've been selling these swings for over 12 years now. Our design has a spreader bar that ranges from 44-46" wide. So the spreader bar width depends on the specific design. True, you are attached to the ceiling by one connecting point, but if you use a double hook setup (which I have not seen before) you would be unable to swivel. There is one exotic position for the swing called the Chinese Basket trick. You can find images on my site that demonstrate this.

    My site has all clothed models, we did not feel you had to be graphic in showing how to use a love swing. There are pages that show a lot of what you can do in the swing. I like to say you are only limited by your imagination.

    1. Well realistically, how much do people really swivel or spin their partner in a swing. Many of the people talk to say they do not do it much. You can not have sex while it is spinning. The only real point of spinning it so get from one side to the other. Spinning is mostly a marketing thing.

      I prefer not to spin, but to be safer. That is just me.

      If spinning was such a key important feature, spinning would be built into your swing rather than charging $32 as an optional feature. So most people do fine with out it.