Monday, October 20, 2014

Go To Sex Swing

 A lot of people ask me what swing is my "go to" swing.... Well it is the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing.

The reason I go for this is because of the dual hook feature. As I mentioned in my earlier post the wide width makes it most comfortable on your hips, plus the 4 inch webbing make it have a lot less pressure than any other swing on the market.

I am also a chicken. I am terrified every time I sit in a sex swing. I am always scared it is going to fall. I have never had one fall, but I am always so timid to sit in them. Once I get seated I am find, but just getting in the swing is always scary.

Well with a dual hook swing, there is no heavy bar over your head, so I do not have that fear of getting whacked on the head by a 10 pound bar and ending up in the ER trying to explain my sex injury.

So the go to is the dual hook sex swing and the second choice would be a sex sling for much the same reasons. Comfort is king for me.

I have my review posted on my swing site here