Monday, October 20, 2014

Go To Sex Swing

 A lot of people ask me what swing is my "go to" swing.... Well it is the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing.

The reason I go for this is because of the dual hook feature. As I mentioned in my earlier post the wide width makes it most comfortable on your hips, plus the 4 inch webbing make it have a lot less pressure than any other swing on the market.

I am also a chicken. I am terrified every time I sit in a sex swing. I am always scared it is going to fall. I have never had one fall, but I am always so timid to sit in them. Once I get seated I am find, but just getting in the swing is always scary.

Well with a dual hook swing, there is no heavy bar over your head, so I do not have that fear of getting whacked on the head by a 10 pound bar and ending up in the ER trying to explain my sex injury.

So the go to is the dual hook sex swing and the second choice would be a sex sling for much the same reasons. Comfort is king for me.

I have my review posted on my swing site here

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sex Swings for Curvy Girls

The one thing I get asked more than anything about sex swings is about the weight limits and if they are safe. Well the simple answer is that yes they are safe. If you were to look at sex swings part by part, most swings will hold a lot of weight and way more weight then even the weight ratings are set for.

The real question here should be, are sex swings comfortable for plus size people? This is an entirely different questions.

For plus size girls, when you are looking at a sex swings, you need to consider safety and comfort.

"Safety?" you ask, "I thought you just said they were strong".

Well sex swings are very strong, the weakness may be in your ceiling. When you screw a hook into your ceiling, there are a lot of things that can go wrong that you may not be aware of. What type of wood is in your ceiling? What size wood? When you screwed into it did you screw off center and cause the wood to split? The biggest danger in a sex swing is the point you mount the swing to.

To minimize this risk, I recommend that people only get dual hook sex swings. When you purchase a single hook sex swing, it comes with some type of a spreader bar. This  bar at the top of the swing weights in the range of 8 to 10 pounds. In the event of a hook failure, this bar can come crashing down on your head. With a dual hook swing, there is no bar over your head. If a hook should fail, the hook and chain will just fall to the ground next to you. yes you would have fallen, but you would not have gotten clobbered in the head.

Additionally, with a dual hook, the weight is divided between 2 hooks making the risk of a hook failure much less. With a single hook all the weight in on the one point.

As for comfort, the dual hook is great as well. Single hook swings have a set with based on the spreader bar. This is typically 14 to 20 inches wide. That is not very big if you have hips. When you sit in these narrow swings, the straps can put a lot of pressure on the sides of your hips and squeeze inward. This can make it uncomfortable after only a couple of minutes of use. With a dual hook swing, you can make them much wider such as 30 inches. This will reduce all of that pressure.

The one last thing I would recommend is that you search for a swing that has a wide seat. The narrower a seat, the more pressure as well. Swings with wide seats would be the Screamer Sex Swing or the Sportsheets Door Swing.

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