Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hiding the sex swing hook during installation

Sex Swing Fun!!!!!
When people first consider purchasing a sex swing, the first common question that comes to mind is ofter where to put the hook. There are a lot of articles about how to install a sex swing hook, so I do not want to cover that here, this guild will help you in determining some places to put your hook so you can keep it hidden.

First, there's two major ways for the installation of your swing. You may screw the mounting hook into your ceiling and after that try to mask the hook to make it less obvious while you are not utilizing the swing, or get a free-standing swing stand.

The sex swing stands are a preferred choice for anyone who is in a rental property and can not attach into the ceiling, but they are not necessarily peoples favorite option. Swing stands are usually quite costly and bulky within your room. They also have setup and tear down time each time you want to use a swing. Affixing the swing hook in your ceiling makes it possible for faster swing usage but it is also very permanent.

If the installation of the hook in the ceiling, then everyone would like to know how you can disguise the hook. Last thing anyone wants is the neighbors coming over to your bedroom and finding the hook and get started with asking questions. There are a variety of excellent ways to hide the hook.

Door Frame installment is an extremely convenient option if you can work it into your home layout. In this method you'll mount the hook in the closet door frame where it will be concealed behind the doors while shut. The down side to this option is that you need a huge closet or at worst a lot of open area to be able to utilize the swing within the closet.

A smoke alarm can even act as a great hook cover. Simply remove the insides from a smoke detector and put it covering the swing hook. Some adjustments on the smoke detector housing may be needed such as cutting a larger whole in the bottom of the housing, but that is a quite simple route to disguise the hook. As a side note, many newer smoke alarms that you load the battery from the side do not have removable covers and may not be suitable for this particular installation.

The light fixture is a great place to disguise your hook if you desire it near the center of the room or over your bed. To do this you will want to install light fixture having a wide base. Take off the glass light cover and install the hook in the light bulb compartment. To disguise the hook while not having fun in the swing, just position the light cover back in place. When working near lights, be sure you don't screw into wiring or break light bulbs. Consult with a professional for help.

The final and most straightforward way for covering your hook is to try using your hook for hanging plants or baskets or another hanging objects. This is usually a very easy option, however, if installing a hook, you do not desire to install it too next to the walls or perhaps a corner of your because you won't have room to use your sex swing. When the hook is too far away from the wall, it may look unusual to have a hanging plant within the center of your room.

Each method for installing your sex swing has its pros and cons. Consider the choices carefully and enjoy your swing.

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